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Don’t Take a Senior Living Tour Without Asking These 8 Questions

Do you remember when you, or perhaps one of your children, chose a college? All those anxious hours poring over brochures, totting up costs, assessing strengths and weaknesses — and all to decide where you’d spend the next four years. 

With good health, a senior living community could be your home for decades. You’ll pass the happiest, most fun-filled years of your life here — so long as you choose the right place. 

To help you in your quest, here’s our rundown of the top eight questions to ask on a senior living community tour. 

What apartments do you currently have available?

Nothing could be more frustrating than viewing your dream apartment and then finding out the ones available have different fittings or floor plans. You’re choosing a new home, not a hotel room, so take your time and make sure you see the place where you’ll be living.

What is included in my monthly costs? 

The senior living industry has a mishmash of pricing structures, so it’s hard to compare communities unless you know what is included and what is extra. Another tip is to ask what the fees were two years ago to get a sense of how quickly costs are rising. 

How easy is it to get into town?

As well as on-site activities, the best independent living communities offer easy access to the big wide world. Whether it’s a trip to the theater, a family gathering or a ladies-only shopping splurge at the mall, outings brighten up your weekly routine. Ask about transportation options and scheduled excursions to local places of interest.

Tell me about the activities program

Book clubs, art classes, retro concerts, corn hole tournaments, crazy costume parties — well, we did tell you senior living was a bit like college! Not every senior living community has such an action-packed events and activities schedule, so try to read some unbiased online reviews to get a sense of how residents fill their time.

Are pets allowed?

If you have an animal in the family, this will likely be your first question. Some of the best senior living communities not only tolerate pets but welcome them, with amenities like bark parks for you and your pup to enjoy.

Can I take a look at this week’s menu?

Most communities promise tasty, nutritious meals — but do they deliver? As you tour the campus, look out for amenities like kitchen gardens — a promising sign that residents and kitchen staff appreciate fresh ingredients. 

How can you help me stay fit and healthy?

Independent living communities are for active people who want to stay that way. Ask about fitness and yoga classes, as well as opportunities to enjoy senior-friendly sports like pickleball and putting.

Do you run open house events?

You can generally rely on people who run senior living communities to give you honest, trustworthy advice. Still, there’s nothing like hearing the real-life experiences and opinions of current residents. 

At Prime West Knoxville, we run regular open house events where we encourage candid, in-depth conversations about life on campus. And if that’s not appealing enough, we also offer free coffee and ice cream at our bistro. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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