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Employee Spotlight: David McClure Brings Urgency and Care to Household Maintenance at Prime

David McClure has always been handy, but solving household problems for seniors has brought a fresh perspective to his work as maintenance manager at Prime West Knoxville. Whether a household problem is big or small, our senior living community’s new residents will be guaranteed speed with every work order they submit.

“The quicker we can solve a problem, the less stress our residents will have,” McClure assures. “Our priority will be to give maintenance issues immediate attention and to expedite everything as quickly as possible.”

Experienced in Senior Living Maintenance

Having headed up maintenance in the senior living sector for over a decade, McClure will be supported in his day-to-day work by an on-site assistant. Any issues at the independent living community that need a little extra expertise will be quickly fielded out to a list of reliable outside vendors, hand-picked by the dedicated manager.

“Our goal is to handle any feasible request that does not require an outside vendor, or parts within 24 hours, if not the same day,” he says. “I have also put together a team of professional outside experts, including plumbers and electricians, who will act quickly to resolve our resident’s needs.”

A problem-solver, McClure, who was born in East Tennessee, and raised in Maryville, first found the joy in helping people fine-tune their homes running a floor covering business. 

“I am very social,” he adds. “I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. Working with seniors is interesting as they have so much knowledge they can bring to you. I am looking forward to getting to know our residents and their backgrounds.”

Counting Down to Prime West Knoxville’s Grand Opening

As the countdown continues to the grand opening of Prime’s amenity-rich flagship independent living community in West Knoxville, McClure, who will also oversee the housekeeping team, is looking forward to launching. 

“It’s such a beautiful building,” he says. “Being part of such a great company and working with wonderful people excites me. I’ve been getting a lot of things in place so we are ready to assist from day one. Residents will be able to report any problems to our 24-hour concierge which will come to me as work orders. I will check frequently and expedite them and I’m sure as I walk down the hallway I will get several. I like problem-solving, preventative maintenance, and trouble-shooting. It’s satisfying.” 

Ready to live your best life at our new senior living community? Contact the dedicated team at Prime West Knoxville and book your tour today!

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