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Fitness & Physical Therapy for Seniors at Your Doorstep!

Senior wellness is at the core of Prime West Knoxville’s vision, which is why we built our new community with active seniors in mind. Catch a game of pickleball with friends or enjoy a leisurely round of golf on the 18-hole putting green. For more traditional workouts, a hydrotherapy treadmill and 24-hour fitness center are readily available. What’s more, our professional physical therapy team from AGEILITY is ready to help new residents who need extra care and attention reach their full fitness potential.

Physical Therapy for Knoxville Seniors

Senior fitness expert Chris Parchmann has a clear goal for physical therapy services at Prime West Knoxville: to empower our independent living residents to maximize their strength, balance, and endurance.  

As Director of Personal Fitness and Training for AGEILITY Physical Therapy Solutions, Parchmann is making it his mission to ensure seniors from the Prime community have all the support they need regardless of their age or current fitness level.

“We have clients from age 55 to over 100 with varying physical conditions and abilities,” says Parchmann, who oversees clinics for more than 120 senior living communities nationwide with AGEILITY. “I think people are surprised when they get involved and see improvements in their daily lives through safe and effective fitness plans. When they go from not exercising at all to being consistent, they feel good and see the difference. I have always been passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, so it is very gratifying work.”

Prime’s AGEILITY clinic will include a rehabilitation director, several therapists, and a personal trainer. The team of licensed professionals will help residents with a variety of age-related issues such as fall prevention, chronic and acute pain management and prevention, strength and flexibility training, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Seniors will be able to receive one-on-one treatments on-site at Prime West Knoxville to build their strength and endurance levels or join group workouts. 

“We have a holistic approach to health and wellness,” adds Parchmann, who has a background as a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach. “We really tailor it to individuals. We can help people to feel stronger and improve their balance and flexibility. We also identify people with mobility or balance issues and refer them for therapy.” 

“When people move on from rehab”, Parchman continues, “we encourage them to continue with a fitness program. Fitness is preventative, and exercise is the only natural remedy we know, other than sleep and nutrition, that can prolong lives and prevent disease. When someone doesn’t participate in exercise, the body does not function as well, but being active can maintain where people are at and reduce a decline in function.”

With regimented exercise regimes often seen as a pursuit of younger generations, Parchmann is keen to correct that misperception.

“The older adult population is growing, and there is a huge need for fitness,” he says. “Exercise helps you feel younger while reducing pain. You can get out and be active and have a greater quality of life. We are seeing more and more people start to work out at a later age, and it is great to help people achieve their goals. It’s never too late to start.”

Independent Living Designed with Health & Wellness in Mind

At Prime West Knoxville, we’ve built our community with fitness and wellness at the top of our minds. From the pickleball court and 18-hole putting green to the 24-hour fitness center and hydrotherapy treadmill, there are a number of ways for residents to get the physical activity they need to thrive. Schedule a tour today to see all our community has to offer active older adults.

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