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Lessons in Tech: Interview with Jennifer Dancu, CEO of Social Media 4 Seniors

Prime West Knoxville understands technology has the power to enhance our residents’ lives. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Social Media 4 Seniors CEO Jennifer Dancu on an upcoming community event for seniors in West Knoxville. Learn how she got her start in this niche market, as well as the FAQs she covers in her classes.

The Inspiration Behind the Class

When Jennifer Dancu, a former Knoxville school principal, started teaching social media classes for seniors in 2014, her business plan was inspired by a special person: her 71-year-old mom, JoAnn.

Dancu recalls, “I learned a lot about technology through my job, and I was mom’s go-to person to learn how to use her smartphone and grasp social media. After talking to her and other friends, I realized there was very little help out there [for seniors to become tech-savvy]. Many older adults wanted to learn about technology but felt their children were too busy or grandchildren quickly fixed the problem without teaching them. What seniors really needed was a service to empower them to learn for themselves.”

In response to these observations, Dancu created Social Media 4 Seniors, making it her mission to give older adults the skills necessary to improve their digital experiences. Dancu now employs five additional coaches to assist clients in both Knoxville and Nashville.

What Seniors Learn with Social Media 4 Seniors

On November 21, Dancu will team up with Prime West Knoxville to host an event called Lunch & Learn: Technology for Active Aging, to be held from 11 am to 1 pm at the local Staybridge Suites. During the class, Dancu will troubleshoot common issues such as how to stop notifications, hide advertisements, and save articles via social media.

“We are teachers, so it is our goal to give seniors the independent confidence to embrace the latest technology,” she says. “We give instruction, but clients do everything themselves. Seniors often ask how to handle changes from frequent updates or [they] want tips for remembering passwords and enlarging fonts that are difficult to read.” 

Dancu continues, “The number one question I am asked is, ‘Why does my screen go dark so quickly,’ which is easy to fix by going into settings and changing the screen time-out preference.” She adds, “We also love to share useful apps such as Tile, which assists [you if] you lose your phone. Then there are Siri and Google [which let you] do everything via voice command.” 

With many clients staying in touch via social media, Dancu loves the sense of community her business brings. She says, “I have made good friends, and I have clients in their 80s and 90s who love to master all the latest technology. My work is very rewarding.”

Stay Connected at Prime West Knoxville

Prime West Knoxville takes pride in hosting fun and interesting events for seniors in Tennessee. Lunch & Learn: Technology For Active Aging will be held on November 21 from 11 am to 1 pm at the Staybridge Suites in Knoxville. We can’t wait to see you there!

Reserve your spot by calling 865-219-2910.

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