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Making a Difference: What Gives Prime its X Factor?

Choosing an independent living community isn’t something you do on a whim. You and your loved ones will likely tour several places, flick through a library’s worth of glossy brochures and listen to any number of polished sales pitches. However, that won’t necessarily help you narrow down your options. You’re wise enough to know that anyone can talk the talk. 

At Prime West Knoxville, we believe it’s more important to walk the walk. And the feedback we’ve been getting from our residents since we opened last year suggests we’re doing just that. 

So what are some of the key areas that distinguish us from the competition?

We deliver on what we promise

 Our wonderful Activity Manager Debbie Vinsant has a clear sense of what makes Prime stand out from the crowd:

“Vision and the ability to execute it. All of the team members at Prime have different skills but we share a commitment to deliver a wonderful experience for our residents. If we promise to organize an activity, you can be sure that activity will happen.”

Nothing at Prime is just for show, or designed to simply look good on the website. Amenities like our pickleball court, 18-hole putting green and billiards room bustle with activity. And our hydroponic garden seems to bring out the green thumb in everyone. The bloom on our first tomato plant was the prettiest any of us gardeners had ever seen,” says Debbie.

We empower our residents

“Independent living” is just a buzz phrase if residents don’t feel truly independent. That’s why nothing makes us happier than seeing Prime residents take an active role in shaping their community. In just a few months, they’ve set up their own council, started a newsletter and founded dozens of clubs and programs.

Debbie has seen first hand how Prime residents are living their best lives — and on their own terms. “I was so proud when my residents started volunteering to teach classes to their peers. These days it feels like every time I open my door there’s a resident there saying, ‘Hey, Debbie, what about we do this?’ or ‘Hey, Debbie, I want to lead a group!’ It’s pure magic.”

We offer an incredible lifestyle 

Prime residents don’t have to choose between affordability and home comforts. Each stylish but budget-friendly apartment comes with a full-size kitchen, spacious closets and a porch or patio. You can entertain friends for dinner, join them for a garden-fresh meal in the dining area or treat yourself to a scoop (or two) of ice cream in the bistro. 

More than anything, Prime is about fun and fulfillment. “I remember our first big party with dancing to reggae in the hallway” says Debbie. “Whether it’s an acrylic-pour painting class or playing games like Mexican dominos, there’s always so much fun and laughter in the community. The ability to share these experiences with so many people is a great honor.”

Want to find out more?

We hope that Prime sounds like the kind of place where you could live your best life. But we’d rather show than tell. Contact us anytime to arrange a tour of our vibrant, growing community or to simply learn more about what makes Prime special. 

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