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Try This 30-Minute Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Knoxville With the Grandkids

Nestled in the Northshore neighborhood near the Tennessee River, Prime West Knoxville is near the region’s top things to do. Downtown Knoxville is a great spot to take the grandkids on an urban adventure. This 30-minute scavenger hunt combines vibrant murals, historical sights, and architectural landmarks, all within less than a mile’s worth of walking that’s well-suited to older adults and their grandkids.

Stop #1: Strong Alley

Strong Alley is a free public graffiti gallery where street artists are frequently adding new mural work to building exteriors. You can find it off Wall Avenue near Gay Street. 

Activity: Can you spot the two dragonflies?

Stop #2: Market Square

This historic city square is located a  couple of steps to the southwest of Strong Alley. During the summer, kids love to cool down by splashing around in the fountains. There are also plenty of places to sit, shop, eat, and dine if you need a break. 

Activity: Locate the sign that says “Knoxville’s Market House.” Hint: it’s usually in the shade.

Stop #3: Woman Suffrage Memorial

Within eyesight of Market Square, this statue honors a trio of Tennessee women leaders in the suffrage movement. Take the opportunity to teach the kids how women courageously fought for the right to vote.

Activity: What are the names of the three women immortalized in bronze?

Stop #4: Krutch Park

The women of the suffrage statue face the fourth stop. Named for a famed Tennessee painter, Charles Krutch Park is an urban oasis, perfect for family picnics.

Activity: Walk along the winding path. What color is the sculpture beside the pond?

Stop #5: Sunsphere

Continue a few feet to the corner of Clinch Avenue and Market Street, then gaze southwest down Clinch. You should be able to see the golden top of the 266-foot-tall Sunsphere, built for the 1982 World's Fair.

Activity: How many elevators are at the bottom of the iconic tower?

Stop #6: East Tennessee Veterans Memorial

Walk northwest from the Sunsphere to discover this tribute to fallen servicemen and women from the region. It’s another opportunity to teach children about our nation’s history. On the less somber side, the green space next to the plaza has a playground.

Activity: What shape appears on the memorial wall?

Final Destination: Home

Once the scavenger hunt is complete,  make the 30-minute drive back to Prime West Knoxville. Here, you can finish the day with a game of pickleball, plant flowers in our hydroponic greenhouse, or stop by the cafe for unlimited soft-serve ice cream. Contact us today to start your adventure at Prime West Knoxville.

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