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Why Every Day is Independence Day at Prime West Knoxville

How is independent living different?

Some say that independent living is a great way to retire. We say that it’s a great way to live. 

Independent living can offer older adults the most freedom and opportunity they’ve ever known. Bills, grocery shopping and household maintenance fade into distant memory, replaced by excellent dining, a calendar full of social activities, and great themed parties and events. Done right, independent living is the next chapter in your American dream, the glitter on your golden years.

Sound good? Let’s dig a little deeper into the characteristics of independent living and how it compares with other senior housing options.

A community that cares

It’s easy to get the different types of senior housing mixed up, so here’s a quick recap. Assisted living communities are for older adults who need some assistance with their activities of daily living (ADLs). Nursing homes are for people who need access to round-the-clock, skilled medical care.

Independent living is at the other end of the spectrum. It’s for active seniors who neither need nor would welcome the intervention of professional caregivers in their daily routine. It offers a low-stress lifestyle for people who are happy to take care of themselves while someone else takes care of the chores.

That doesn’t mean people are left to fend for themselves. When residents talk about their experience at Prime West Knoxville, they’re keen to highlight the sense of fellowship and solidarity that comes from living in a community of their peers.

Dine-in or dine-out? Your call

Unlike some other senior housing options, independent living allows you to choose what you want to eat, where you want to eat it — breakfast, lunch, supper and naughty midnight snack. 

All apartments at Prime West Knoxville come with full-size kitchens and granite countertops, so if you like to entertain, you’ve got everything you need. However, if you feel like you’ve spent enough of your life cooking for other people, there are three delicious, garden-fresh meals per day waiting for you in the dining area. Did we mention free ice cream and coffee at the bistro? We did now.

Countless possibilities, one monthly bill

Most adults value their independence, but it often comes with strings attached. There are mortgages to pay, utility bills to track, leaky roofs to fix and a host of other chores that add nothing but stress to your life.

An independent living community like Prime adds freedom by subtracting responsibility. We take care of all the humdrum tasks like housekeeping and maintenance, leaving you to pursue the activities and interests that add value to your life. Which brings us to …

Freedom to have fun

If retirement is about anything, it should be about making time to have fun. Our community is always bustling with activity, whether it’s acrylic-pour classes in the art room, competitive matches on the pickleball court or tomato planting sessions in the hydroponic garden. And if your idea of fun is simply to curl up with a good book, that’s fine too: independent living is about having choices, not following a program.

If you’re still not sure whether independent living is right for you, we’d love to hear your thoughts and help you plan your future. Whatever your query, please contact us anytime.

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