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Downsizing Tips for Moving to Independent Living

A decluttered, streamlined home sets the scene for a stress-free start to independent living. As you make the exciting move to senior living, there is likely a weight on your mind — how to downsize to a smaller living space. Sorting through drawers, closets, and garages full of forgotten items may seem daunting, but setting aside time and strategies to mindfully declutter will be worth it once you’re in your stylish, super-organized senior apartment in Knoxville, TN.

If a move to Prime West Knoxville’s retirement community is in your future, then now is the perfect time to “rightsize.” Goodwill stores in East Tennessee (which temporarily closed due to COVID-19) have reopened and are in “desperate need” of clothing and household donations.

Where to Begin

Start your efforts by removing the big items you no longer need. Once you have freed up some space, tackle one room at a time and allocate smaller items to bins labeled “keep,” “donate,” “recycle,” or “trash.” Alternatively, you could follow bestselling author Marie Kondo’s method of gathering up one type of item, such as clothing or books, for sorting. Kondo suggests holding each item in your hand and noting your gut reaction. Does an item truly “spark joy” or are you holding on to it because of sentiment or guilt?

Enlist Help

Think about limiting your decluttering efforts to just a few hours a day or ask a loved one to help out. If you don’t have a family member who lives nearby, perhaps you could recruit a friend, church member, or neighbor to help you. You could also hire a certified senior move manager. Companies such as Tennessee-based Caring Senior Move, Dunnrite Transitions, and What It Takes Services specialize in helping seniors sort and organize belongings as they transition to a new living space.

Undoubtedly, sentimental items are the hardest to let go. Set these belongings aside for last. Then, if you’re still struggling, consider passing them on to a loved one or taking a photo so you have a virtual memory. 

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